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Here’s Where New York City’s Sewage Really Goes

(BUSINESS INSIDER) New York City is home to 8.4 million, waste-producing people; that’s a lot of toilets, drains and sewers.  It takes 14 wastewater treatment facilities scattered throughout the five boroughs to clean up all of our dirty water. We visited the largest facility, the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see how


A Breach Of Public Trust

(TIMES UNION) The word fiduciary might sound like one of those wonky terms that only accountants and lawyers fully understand, but there is nothing mysterious or complicated about it. It comes from a Latin root for confidence or trust. To have a fiduciary responsibility means that someone has put his confidence and trust in you,


AG Says WNY Weather More Evidence Of Needed Action On Climate Change

(WXXI NEWS) The State’s Attorney General says the Buffalo snowstorms are more evidence that climate change is happening, and that New York and the nation need to work harder to combat the causes of global warming. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says this week in Western New York is another example of weather patterns that


State Assemblyman Michael Miller (D-Woodhaven) Pitches Bills For Vision Zero

(TIMES LEDGER) State Assemblyman Michael Miller (D-Woodhaven) aims to be the next visionary contributing to the mayor’s traffic safety initiative. Miller said he is trying to coordinate a meeting with Mayor Bill de Blasio to discuss how the bills he is sponsoring may dovetail with Vision Zero, the administration’s action plan to curb pedestrian fatalities


Schumer, Gillibrand, Higgins, Collins Urge USDA To Immediately Conduct Damage Assessment Of Impact Of Historic Snowstorm On WNY Farms

(SENATOR SCHUMER’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE) Schumer, Gillibrand, Higgins, Collins Write to USDA Urging Fed Agency To Assess the Damage & Be Ready To Act On a Disaster Declaration To Help Reimburse WNY Farmers, Flower Growers & Local Producers that Are Still In Midst Of Massive Snowstorm; USDA Funds Would Help Cover Crop, Livestock, Business Loss Costs


Governor Cuomo Warns New Yorkers Of Significant Flooding Possibility

(GOVERNOR CUOMO’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE) Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today warned that rising temperatures over the weekend will contribute to a strong possibility of significant flooding in Western New York. Although the State is taking every precaution to prepare for a large amount of flooding, the specifics are not predictable, and homeowners should be ready for


Governor Cuomo Announces Executive Order To Help Ensure Continued Health Care During Snowstorm

(GOVERNOR CUOMO’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE) Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced an emergency Executive Order to help protect the health of Western New Yorkers during the midst of the current snowstorm and recovery efforts. The order temporarily suspends some regulatory measures in order to help ensure all patients receive their medications and care during this emergency.


Sandra Steingraber: Why I Am In Jail

(ECO WATCH) Breakfast in the Chemung County Jail is served at 5 a.m. This morning—Friday, November 21, 2014—it was Cheerios and milk plus two slaps of universally-despised “breakfast cake.” Along with trays of food—which are passed through the bars—arrive the morning rounds of meds for the inmates who take them. Now comes my favorite time


New York Activists Turn To Civil Disobedience As Last Resort To Fight Regulatory Capture

(DESMOG) Award-winning author and anti-fracking activist Dr. Sandra Steingraber is going to spend Thanksgiving in jail. And it won’t be her first stay there. She spent last Earth Day there as well. She is returning to jail in upstate New York after her arrest for being part of a human blockade at the gates of


NYCCGC Response To NY Post Article “Root Of All Evil: Vegetables In NYC Gardens Are ‘Toxic’”

(NYCCGC) In response to yet another Post article, it continues to be both irresponsible to our communities and inaccurate to make a blanket statement that the local produce grown in our community gardens is potentially hazardous due to soil contaminants. It would be more productive to focus on how community gardens and their allies are actively